Monday, November 12, 2018

Review of Bokuk Mix and Go Blender from O Shopping

I am so disappointed with this defective Bokuk Mix & Go Blender that I bought from O Shopping.  It made me hate this product and O-Shopping while blaming myself for being so trusting.

It was delivered to me on November 7, 2018.  When the product was delivered to me, I noticed the box was not sealed anymore so I checked the box.  Upon opening the box, I saw all the components there: the Green and White Base Body, 2 Green Tumblers with lid, one Stainless Steel Blade Assembly, and two Free Tumblers in Blue and Orange color. 

I then paid the delivery man the amount of P1,511.30.  This product was on sale so I got it at lower price.  Upon receiving the payment, I asked the delivery man if he needs some drink, he then asked for some water so I immediately refill his water jug with cold water and gave it to him. The he thanked me and left immediately.

Did I miss doing something. Yes!   I did not test if the product was working before paying him. I was so trusting, I was thinking they will not deliver defective product but I was wrong.  It was too late for me to realize that I should not trust when it comes to products purchased online.  I kind of blamed myself for not doing the most important thing before paying the delivery man. For the record, I've purchased some kitchenwares from O-Shopping for two times already but this is my first time to buy small kitchen appliance from them.  

 I was already familiar with how to operate this Mix and Go Blender because I kept watching the video on how to use it at Youtube even before I purchased the product.  But even before operating it I checked the enclosed User Manual just the same to make sure I was operating it correctly,

                       The User Manual
                                  The Method of Use

I put slices of cucumber and melons in one of the tumblers, fastened the blending lid and closed it tightly and made sure there was no spillage. I then, placed the tumbler on the blender base as instructed. I made sure the arrow on the lid was aligned with the arrow on the base.  Upon securing the tumbler I pushed it downward and twisted.  Upon locking the tumbler in place this Bokuk Mix and Go Blender should immediately start the job of blending but it did not.   I checked  if the power chord was plugged correctly and it was. I tried over and over again to operate Bokuk but it would not respond.  I got so exhausted and blamed myself for not testing this product before paying the delivery man.

Then I remembered my sister. She has this same product which she purchased several months back.  I drove my way to his home carrying my Bokuk and upon reaching her place,  I tried using her Blending Base to blend the fruits on my tumbler but it did not work.  Then we tried using my sister's Blending Base on my tumbler. Upon securing it on my Blending Base, I twisted it and as it locked, it blended immediately and completed the job.  So the problem was detected. It was the Blending Lid. This is obviously defective.
The Blending Lid is the defective part the prevented this product from blending
So what would I do?  I called O Shopping Customer Care Hotline of course to report the problem.  And what was their response after hearing my problem?   The CSR told me it would take some 12 days or more before this product will be picked up for replacement.  OH MY GOD!!!!  

So here I am, it's been 5 days and I have yet to hear from them.  It looks like I had to wait for 12 days indeed and if not, I must report this to the proper authorities.

So readers who want to purchase this same product, please learn from my unfortunate experience.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Review of Sclerotherapy at D'Spa and Skin Care Center

I visited the internet some few weeks ago and saw the above deal for Sclerotherapy at Metrodeal. I have been scouting for a cheaper deal for this procedure because I have varicose veins and spider veins on my legs.  I already inquired from another skin clinic about Sclerotherapy and the doctor told me it is PHP2,000 per session so I got so excited upon seeing this Metrodeal offer as  it would be a big savings on my part if I could get one session of Sclerotherapy for PHP699 only.

But before buying a voucher, I called first the Alabang branch of D'Spa and Skin Center to book a reservation. I was told that the doctor is in America but will be back within the week so they will just call me for my schedule. I was also told that I have the option to just pay directly to their clinic instead of buying vouchers from Metrodeal because they also charge the same  amount even without voucher.  So I decided to take this option.

After some two weeks of waiting, I finally got a call from D'Spa about my appointment with their doctor so I went there as scheduled.  Upon arrival, the doctor was not yet in but  I was a given by an attendant, a waiver to sign.  The waivert tells that the Doctor has explained the stated facts there about the procedure to be done on me. I was quite hesitant  to sign because there was nothing explained to me yet.  But, I thought, maybe the doctor will explain when she arrives and so I signed the waiver. By the way, the name of the doctor is Rosemarie Arellano Deles.

 Unfortunately the doctor came very, very late. Instead of 4:00 PM, she came at 6:00 PM and when she arrived she did not explain anything at all. She just instructed an attendant to lead me to a bed where I was asked to lie on my back. Then the attendant wiped my legs with alcohol while the lady doctor was busy talking with another patient in a nearby bed who was undergoing a laser treatment. I asked the attendants if they will apply local anesthetic but they said the pain is tolerable and there is no need for such.  I was somewhat shocked because the doctor from the skin clinic where I first inquired assured me that she will apply topical local anesthetic on me legs before the procedure. I did not know if I would back out or stay but since the attendant told me it was not painful, I stayed.

When the doctor came to me, she examined my spider veins and told me I should rather get a package so I can save because one or two sessions will not be enough for my legs.  I asked her how much is the cost of the package and I was told PHP10,000.00.  I could not believe it was that much because the first clinic which charges PHP2,000.00 per session was charging me PHP12,000.00 so obviously this doctor was cheating me when she quoted PHP10,000, considering the fact that her price per session is only PHP699 and no local anesthetic at all?  So I told her I don't have that much money and  then she said, she will give it at HP8,000.  But I told her I only have PHP4000 on hand so I was kind of asking her if she will accept 50% payment.

Now this doctor without even answering my question started injecting my veins on my left leg.  The first injection was like a bite of ant so I tolerated it, but as she went on injecting, it was becoming painful so I was telling her about the pain. But she was unmindful and and then later she asked me if I  have Hematoma as she noticed, the injections on my legs turned to dark bruises.  She then stopped and told me she could only do that far and I had to come back next  time because of that. Then her two attendants then put bandage on my left leg.

This doctor was so uncaring and not even telling me the details of what will I do next not until I asked her.   She told me I had to take a blood thinner  for a week and handed me some capsules and ointment without even explaining why and how and and then she was charging me. PHP4,700.  She said I had to pay for the 4 sessions of Sclerotherapy which she just did on me and the rest is for the cost of the medicines. Before paying, I asked her when will I return and she replied after two weeks. Then I asked her if my spider veins one the injected part will vanish and she answered me, it all depends.  It was like there was not assurance at all and so I felt quite angered because their advertisement states among other promises therein that sessions of sclerotherapy can do a lot to dramatically make protruding, too-obvious red, purple, and blue blood vessels shrink, flatten, and basically disappear from your skin’s surface but she was telling me on that particular hour that it all depends.  I felt so devastated.  This doctor is not worth being trusted. She did not even issue official receipt so I am kind of tempted to report her to Bureau of Internal Revenue. 

 She also told me to wear compression stockings and then she went inside to talk again to another patient. She was so rude.  I promised myself never to return for the succeeding sessions anymore and to make sure she could not cheat me any further I rejected all the medicines and ointment she was asking me to pay. (Photos attached below.)   I thought  I can buy those medicines in the drugstore  for cheaper amount perhaps, so I told her I don't have enough money so I returned all the medicines and asked her to just give me a Prescription so I can buy later..  She did but did not even complete the writing of the Prescription so I complained and it was her attendant who wrote the name of the ointment. 

When  I went to the drugstore, I was able to confirm that she was really charging too much on medicines because  I was able to buy the blood thinner, Vessel Duo for only PHP50.50 per tablet and ointment for only PHP201.75.  I was even able to get a 20 percent senior discount from the drugstore so I paid even less than the actual amount.

Vessel Duo tablet - the blood thinner. 

Hydrocortison Cream

Now regarding the progress of the procedure on my legs, it has been 11 days now since the procedure but apart from the disappearance of bruises, it looks like the spider veins were not even reduced.  Of course I know I still have to go through some more sessions but I hope I should at least see some signs of vanished spider veins from the 4 sessions.

Here are the relevant photos you may want to see :

This is my left leg 4 hours after the 4 sessions of Sclerotherapy as I removed the bandage

On the 4th day.  My bruises were starting to lighten.

On the 7th day. The bruises were almost gone.  Note that my right leg has not yet been treated
In conclusion, I would say that this clinic is giving very low rate for Sclerotherapy because they also give  very poor quality of service and they also overprice their medicines,

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Andrographic Peneculata, or Serpentina Effective Herbal Cure for Psoriasis

Of course you know what Psoriasis is.  If you are reading this blog, it is certainly because you have Psoriasis or any of your friend or loved one so you are interested to read this post.  I am  not here to explain or detail what this skin disease is, neither would I take time to talk what causes this disease. I am certain you already know a lot about those issues.

I am here to share to tell you how a friend of mine was cured  of  this chronic skin problem.  He was almost hopeless, have lost self-confidence, and have avoided social life because he was so embarrassed with his ugly skin until one day, he accidentally discovered the healing effect of Andrographic Peneculata  which is more commonly known in the Philippines by the name of Serpentinata

A neighbor gave him a Andrographic Peneculata or Serpentina plant which he planted in his backyard.  The plant is know to cure Urinary tract infection, kidney problem, cough and even hypertension in the neighborhood.  One day my friend had a bad cough and he remembered the Serpentina plant.  He took around seven leaves of the plant, crumpled them and place the crumpled leaves in one cup of hot water and drank it. It was very bitter but he managed to finish the whole cup and repeated drinking a cup two more times within the day.  For 3 days he was drinking this concoction thrice a day and he felt better. In a week time, his cough was gone.

But the good news in not only his cough was cured  but he noticed his skin texture is also improving. He thought this could be caused by Serpentina so he decided to make it a daily habit to drink the Serpentina concoction.  Day after day, he could notice  his skin was getting better and better.  After some two months, his skin turned almost normal.  He kept drinking the concoction and few months  more he was totally healed.

So those of you who have Psoriasis, you better just drink Serpentina concoction.  I hope you have this plant in your garden.  I saw one blog that talks of Serpentina but the photos in that blog did not match the appearance of the Serpentina plant that healed my friend.  For your guidance, just please take note of the photos displayed in this post so you will not get confused.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Joy of Breastfeeding

Surveys show that many women do not like breastfeeding. Some are concerned with maintaining the shape and firmness of their busts while others are unable to bear the pain that goes with it. Apart from these reasons, many can't afford to be just tied up with the child until his weaning period for one reason or another.

 My own experiences proved that breastfeeding takes some sacrifice indeed. There were pains involved and some liberty to give up but I was resolved to give the best milk to my baby at all cost. I have no regrets. I learned breastfeeding is a beautiful sacrifice. It was so painful at first. I would be honest enough to admit that through the pain there were times I was tempted to surrender. At first, my breasts were not seemed ready to give out the milk. My child kept sucking but was not getting enough and my breasts were hurting. He was hungry and crying but my breasts could not satisfy him. That was very bothersome. Should we just both quit? Would it not be better if I put my breasts to rest in favor of bottled milk for his benefit?

 But I decided not to quit. If there is a will there is a way. I gave my baby bottled milk for the time being. but I did not stop there. I went through one-time traditional breast massage to stimulate the production of milk and I consumed lots of boiled malungay (moringga) leaves soup. Then it was like magic. My breast was soon overflowing with milk and ready to nourish my baby boy. Each time I'd breastfeed my child, I'd experience a heavenly endearing connection with him.  It all the more proved that this child of mine is part of me. It was a beautiful union of mother and child, so beautiful beyond my lips could describe. One thing was so sure though. Our love for each other grew more and more.

 Every time I’d feel his tender hands touching my breast I knew he was dependent on me. He needed me more than anyone and for that he loved me more than anyone. I loved him even more and felt all the more obligated to keep feeding him to the last drop of milk from my breast. It is true that mothers can be great mothers even if they don’t breastfeed. However,  the experience of sustaining the healthy life of your child with the milk that flows out of your own breasts is beyond compare. I am blessed that I did not miss this wonderful part of motherhood.

How to Keep Your Health and Youth

Going all natural is always the best if you want to keep your youth and energy. But it is always important to be practical. If you can save without sacrificing your nutrition then do. Don’t buy too much expensive products if there are cheaper substitutes. Many businessmen have taken advantage of this all-natural craze and have invented products that promise so many good things that would keep you healthy but would surely ransack your wallet. One good example is wheat grass. It is undoubtedly very healthy to have a daily intake of wheat grass but it is so expensive. So what do you do if you can’t afford this expensive stuff? Well if you are from the country where malunggay (moringga) grows easily like here in the Philippines then do take advantage of the cheap malunggay leaves in your own or in your neighbor’s background. Do you know that malunggay has 4 times more chlorophyll than wheat grass? Yes, malunggay is indisputable when it comes to nutritional value in whatever aspect.. Many people go crazy over wheat grass but it so expensive so why not try malunggay? Make a fresh juice out of its fresh leaves and drink daily. See how energetic and younger you will become in just a week and if you make this a habit, you will surely take off years from your looks. The fountain of youth is in malunggay so don’t waste money in more expensive herbal beauty products because all you need is already in malunggay. Indeed the fountain of youth might be just in your own background. All you need to do is to take advantage of it. Don't waste your time and money buying expensive anti-aging products. Malunggay is the best solution to your aging skin. It does not only make you younger but will also give you long, healthy life. Malunggay is truly a miracle vegetable so take advantage of the miracle it can do your life.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair ( LSTR), an Alternative to Root Canal

 For many days, my son was having sleepless nights because of toothache. He visited a  dentist  who cleaned and treated the tooth and gave him antibiotics and pain reliever for a week intake but the tooth kept aching.  He did not want the root to be pulled so the dentist suggested a root canal therapy His dentist was charging PHP3,000/canal. This is cheaper as compared to up to PHP5,500 per canal being charged by other dentists. So if the aching tooth needs up to 4 canals the cheapest cost to save the tooth by root canal is PHP12,000.

But, PHP12,000 is still a big amount so I thought of  inquiring for other options. I inquired from  other dentists but almost all of them were saying root canal is the only way.  I did not give up and still tried calling more dentists.  Fortunately  one dentist suggested Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair LSTR.  The dentist said LSTR is another way to heal and restore the affected tooth to normal form.

As explained by this Dentist, I learned this LSTR (Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair) is a cheaper alternative to root canal. I learned further that most dentists who perform root canal are against and won’t recommend this procedure obviously because of competition.

So, instead of Root Canal therapy my son opted for LSTR. At first he was reluctant but after thinking of the savings, he consented. It was good that his tooth X-ray showed his tooth is still good and can be restored, otherwise, LSTR would not be applicable anymore.

The LSTR procedure did not take long. He was worried that there would be no good results because of the simplicity and brevity of the procedure.  But after few days of observing, he was happy of the result.  No more aching, no more discomfort no more tooth sensitivity.

 After 2 weeks he returned to the dentist for permanent filling.

We paid the dentist the total amount of PHP2700 all in all which covers PHP2,200.00 for the LSTR plus PHP 500 for the permanent filling.

Not all dentist charge the same amount.  I checked with two other dentists who also do LSTR and they both quoted higher amount.  One charges PHP3000 while the other PHP5000.

Now the big question: For how long will the good effect of the LSTR last?  I think I owe you an update sooner or later.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Are you a non-smoker and yet have been coughing for sometime now. ? Have you undergone X-ray and found your lungs all clear though? Have you been wondering why you can’t get total healing despite having practically taken all synthetic medication your doctor has prescribed? Have you reached the point of taking the strongest antibiotic which did not help you either? Well how about listening to a friendly advice from someone who went through this similar health problem? All you have to do is to STOP taking synthetic medicine right now if you don’t want to aggravate your health condition.

 Whatever is the underlying reason for your chronic cough, it is better to be safe from side effects while under medication? How do you do that? All you need to do is shift to all-natural healing and you should do that right now. What natural medication then should replace the synthetic?

First, you have to take note that taking this solution on a full stomach is a must. Prepare the natural solution by extracting at least one third spoonful of garlic juice then add this to one spoonful of pure raw honey. Take this as your cough syrup every 3 hours. You can actually take even more times than stated here without getting the risk of over-dosage because this is all natural provided your stomach is full.

Second, all cold drinks including water should be stopped instead drink at least 8 glasses of lukewarm water (not hot) within the day. No eating of any sweets, starchy and dairy products instead have more intakes of fresh fruits (except mangoes and pineapples) and vegetables It is very helpful to have daily sunlight back expose for at least 30 to one hour from 6:00 to 7:00 am. Take note that sunlight beyond 8:00 am is not healthy. though. Also take note that you are not allowed to take a bath after sun exposure to avoid getting water into your lungs.

Avoid second hand smoke. If you are smoking you can also benefit with this method but you should stop smoking if you don't want your cough to re-occur and reach the hopeless point. This method has been really effective to the author and to all people who follow this method. If you want natural healing then do the same.

God bless everyone!