Friday, February 15, 2013

The Joy of Breastfeeding

Surveys show that many women do not like breastfeeding. Some are concerned with maintaining the shape and firmness of their busts while others are unable to bear the pain that goes with it. Apart from these reasons, many can't afford to be just tied up with the child until his weaning period for one reason or another.

 My own experiences proved that breastfeeding takes some sacrifice indeed. There were pains involved and some liberty to give up but I was resolved to give the best milk to my baby at all cost. I have no regrets. I learned breastfeeding is a beautiful sacrifice. It was so painful at first. I would be honest enough to admit that through the pain there were times I was tempted to surrender. At first, my breasts were not seemed ready to give out the milk. My child kept sucking but was not getting enough and my breasts were hurting. He was hungry and crying but my breasts could not satisfy him. That was very bothersome. Should we just both quit? Would it not be better if I put my breasts to rest in favor of bottled milk for his benefit?

 But I decided not to quit. If there is a will there is a way. I gave my baby bottled milk for the time being. but I did not stop there. I went through one-time traditional breast massage to stimulate the production of milk and I consumed lots of boiled malungay (moringga) leaves soup. Then it was like magic. My breast was soon overflowing with milk and ready to nourish my baby boy. Each time I'd breastfeed my child, I'd experience a heavenly endearing connection with him.  It all the more proved that this child of mine is part of me. It was a beautiful union of mother and child, so beautiful beyond my lips could describe. One thing was so sure though. Our love for each other grew more and more.

 Every time I’d feel his tender hands touching my breast I knew he was dependent on me. He needed me more than anyone and for that he loved me more than anyone. I loved him even more and felt all the more obligated to keep feeding him to the last drop of milk from my breast. It is true that mothers can be great mothers even if they don’t breastfeed. However,  the experience of sustaining the healthy life of your child with the milk that flows out of your own breasts is beyond compare. I am blessed that I did not miss this wonderful part of motherhood.

How to Keep Your Health and Youth

Going all natural is always the best if you want to keep your youth and energy. But it is always important to be practical. If you can save without sacrificing your nutrition then do. Don’t buy too much expensive products if there are cheaper substitutes. Many businessmen have taken advantage of this all-natural craze and have invented products that promise so many good things that would keep you healthy but would surely ransack your wallet. One good example is wheat grass. It is undoubtedly very healthy to have a daily intake of wheat grass but it is so expensive. So what do you do if you can’t afford this expensive stuff? Well if you are from the country where malunggay (moringga) grows easily like here in the Philippines then do take advantage of the cheap malunggay leaves in your own or in your neighbor’s background. Do you know that malunggay has 4 times more chlorophyll than wheat grass? Yes, malunggay is indisputable when it comes to nutritional value in whatever aspect.. Many people go crazy over wheat grass but it so expensive so why not try malunggay? Make a fresh juice out of its fresh leaves and drink daily. See how energetic and younger you will become in just a week and if you make this a habit, you will surely take off years from your looks. The fountain of youth is in malunggay so don’t waste money in more expensive herbal beauty products because all you need is already in malunggay. Indeed the fountain of youth might be just in your own background. All you need to do is to take advantage of it. Don't waste your time and money buying expensive anti-aging products. Malunggay is the best solution to your aging skin. It does not only make you younger but will also give you long, healthy life. Malunggay is truly a miracle vegetable so take advantage of the miracle it can do your life.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair ( LSTR), an Alternative to Root Canal

 For many days, my son was having sleepless nights because of toothache. He visited a  dentist  who cleaned and treated the tooth and gave him antibiotics and pain reliever for a week intake but the tooth kept aching.  He did not want the root to be pulled so the dentist suggested a root canal therapy His dentist was charging PHP3,000/canal. This is cheaper as compared to up to PHP5,500 per canal being charged by other dentists. So if the aching tooth needs up to 4 canals the cheapest cost to save the tooth by root canal is PHP12,000.

But, PHP12,000 is still a big amount so I thought of  inquiring for other options. I inquired from  other dentists but almost all of them were saying root canal is the only way.  I did not give up and still tried calling more dentists.  Fortunately  one dentist suggested Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair LSTR.  The dentist said LSTR is another way to heal and restore the affected tooth to normal form.

As explained by this Dentist, I learned this LSTR (Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair) is a cheaper alternative to root canal. I learned further that most dentists who perform root canal are against and won’t recommend this procedure obviously because of competition.

So, instead of Root Canal therapy my son opted for LSTR. At first he was reluctant but after thinking of the savings, he consented. It was good that his tooth X-ray showed his tooth is still good and can be restored, otherwise, LSTR would not be applicable anymore.

The LSTR procedure did not take long. He was worried that there would be no good results because of the simplicity and brevity of the procedure.  But after few days of observing, he was happy of the result.  No more aching, no more discomfort no more tooth sensitivity.

 After 2 weeks he returned to the dentist for permanent filling.

We paid the dentist the total amount of PHP2700 all in all which covers PHP2,200.00 for the LSTR plus PHP 500 for the permanent filling.

Not all dentist charge the same amount.  I checked with two other dentists who also do LSTR and they both quoted higher amount.  One charges PHP3000 while the other PHP5000.

Now the big question: For how long will the good effect of the LSTR last?  I think I owe you an update sooner or later.