Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't Ever Overcook Broccoli
Do you eat broccoli? Well if you do then you should be happy because you are giving your body a big favor.  Broccoli like all calciferous vegetables has been found to contain sulforaphane, an effective anti-cancer agent.  It has been proven by studies that this is very effective in fighting against prostate and colon cancer. Among all calciferous vegetables, broccoli and broccoli sprouts have the highest amount of sulforaphane and hence it is the best choice of all. 

Now that we know already this important fact we should also know that cooking can destroy the power of broccoli to fight cancer.  Actually overcooking any kind of vegetable is not at all encouraged because cooking can destroy its nutrients.  With broccoli  it’s very important  to note why we should not.  When we cook it longer,  we are actually destroying its anti-cancer ingredient. In view of this fact, it is highly recommended to have it half-cooked all the time to preserve the highest percentage of its anti-cancer properties. Make sure it still retains its green color even after cooking.  Never ever let its color to pale at all because if it does it is better to just feed it to the dogs.  Not only does broccoli loses its anti-cancer properties when we cook it longer but it also loses its taste. Try eating an overcooked broccoli and you will certainly not enjoy it at all. Always make sure the veggie is still green and crisp to enjoy its taste even more apart from enjoying its nutritional benefits.

So next time you cook broccoli always bear in mind to have it half-cooked to get the best benefit. When you eat out never ever accept an overcooked broccoli. If they do, you have the right to demand for a new serving or you need not pay them at all.

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