Monday, January 23, 2012

Hotdog...Your Favorite Poison

 It has long been discovered and widely published that processed meats such hotdogs, ham and the likes are bombarded with preservative and food coloring substance called sodium nitrate. Sodium nitrate has been proven unsafe and has been linked to cancer. Some people may not be aware while some are maybe just ignoring this fact so they keep buying and eating these processed meats. The most popular and widely eaten of all processed meats are hotdogs. Kids and even adults love hotdogs, right? Examine your refrigerators to see if this is not true. But... have you thought what could be the secret recipe to make these tasty, juicy, sweet or spicy hotdogs? Do you that they are made of surplus or rubbish pig parts. Those pig parts that should rather be thrown away for nobody would buy them at all are being grounded to the finest particles then mixed with extenders, and loaded with flavorful additives, salt, and spices then finally molded into attractive and savory looking stuff called hotdogs. You get nothing healthy from them but sodium, calories and deadly sodium nitrate and yet you eat and give them to your children. Not only hotdogs but all processed meats such as ham. Meat loaf, salami and the likes do contain sodium nitrate as well. Can you imagine how much poison do you and your family eats each day? Parents, your children may not know how unhealthy and how risky hotdogs and other processed meats are for they are too young to understand but you as a parent should know you are putting their health at risk. Do you like to see your children getting ill and dying soon because of your carefree attitude? A wise person knows how to discern which is right and which is not and the food we choose is not exempted in this regard.

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