Thursday, October 25, 2012


Are you a non-smoker and yet have been coughing for sometime now. ? Have you undergone X-ray and found your lungs all clear though? Have you been wondering why you can’t get total healing despite having practically taken all synthetic medication your doctor has prescribed? Have you reached the point of taking the strongest antibiotic which did not help you either? Well how about listening to a friendly advice from someone who went through this similar health problem? All you have to do is to STOP taking synthetic medicine right now if you don’t want to aggravate your health condition.

 Whatever is the underlying reason for your chronic cough, it is better to be safe from side effects while under medication? How do you do that? All you need to do is shift to all-natural healing and you should do that right now. What natural medication then should replace the synthetic?

First, you have to take note that taking this solution on a full stomach is a must. Prepare the natural solution by extracting at least one third spoonful of garlic juice then add this to one spoonful of pure raw honey. Take this as your cough syrup every 3 hours. You can actually take even more times than stated here without getting the risk of over-dosage because this is all natural provided your stomach is full.

Second, all cold drinks including water should be stopped instead drink at least 8 glasses of lukewarm water (not hot) within the day. No eating of any sweets, starchy and dairy products instead have more intakes of fresh fruits (except mangoes and pineapples) and vegetables It is very helpful to have daily sunlight back expose for at least 30 to one hour from 6:00 to 7:00 am. Take note that sunlight beyond 8:00 am is not healthy. though. Also take note that you are not allowed to take a bath after sun exposure to avoid getting water into your lungs.

Avoid second hand smoke. If you are smoking you can also benefit with this method but you should stop smoking if you don't want your cough to re-occur and reach the hopeless point. This method has been really effective to the author and to all people who follow this method. If you want natural healing then do the same.

God bless everyone!


Many people enjoy jogging. They usually run in the early morning to reap the benefits of early morning sunshine as well. Indeed it is one kind of exercise that can shed off unwanted pounds when done regularly for at least 30 minutes or so. But wait, do you know that jogging is not actually a good exercise. While it can trim down your excess fats easily it can lead to some problems later in your life.

 Firstly, jogging can lead to knee injury. Our knees support the weight of our body so we have to take extra care to keep them from harm. Jogging put so much pressure on knees so if we jog from day to day we are actually working toward disintegration of our knees. It is a fact that most of people don’t even have enough supply of vitamins and minerals to keep their bones strong so even if you are still young you have to avoid putting so much strain on your knees. As we age, our bones become brittle and our joints lose cartilage and at this point it is all the more not advisable to engage in jogging.
 Running put so much pressure on our legs especially on our knee joints so that a jogger tends to suffer chronic knee pain later in his life.

Secondly jogging can cause cheeks to sag easily. While doctors and some others deny the truth of this, many regular joggers can actually prove with their own experience that it does really lead to cheek sagging. . So stop jogging if you don’t want to look older than your age. Doctors who belie this truth do not even jog so don’t believe them.

While there are other more bad side effects of jogging, I believe these two mentioned here are more than enough to make you quit. When you quit, it does not mean you should quit exercising all throughout. You just have to shift to another safer alternative. And what safer alternative is highly recommended? Well it is no other than brisk walking, the best exercise ever. With brisk walking you can still enjoy fellowship with your friends while enjoying the sunshine as well.