Monday, January 23, 2012

Hotdog...Your Favorite Poison

 It has long been discovered and widely published that processed meats such hotdogs, ham and the likes are bombarded with preservative and food coloring substance called sodium nitrate. Sodium nitrate has been proven unsafe and has been linked to cancer. Some people may not be aware while some are maybe just ignoring this fact so they keep buying and eating these processed meats. The most popular and widely eaten of all processed meats are hotdogs. Kids and even adults love hotdogs, right? Examine your refrigerators to see if this is not true. But... have you thought what could be the secret recipe to make these tasty, juicy, sweet or spicy hotdogs? Do you that they are made of surplus or rubbish pig parts. Those pig parts that should rather be thrown away for nobody would buy them at all are being grounded to the finest particles then mixed with extenders, and loaded with flavorful additives, salt, and spices then finally molded into attractive and savory looking stuff called hotdogs. You get nothing healthy from them but sodium, calories and deadly sodium nitrate and yet you eat and give them to your children. Not only hotdogs but all processed meats such as ham. Meat loaf, salami and the likes do contain sodium nitrate as well. Can you imagine how much poison do you and your family eats each day? Parents, your children may not know how unhealthy and how risky hotdogs and other processed meats are for they are too young to understand but you as a parent should know you are putting their health at risk. Do you like to see your children getting ill and dying soon because of your carefree attitude? A wise person knows how to discern which is right and which is not and the food we choose is not exempted in this regard.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Most Effective Cure for Cancer
Whatever kind of cancer you are suffering from; breast, prostate, colon, cervical, skin or what have you, you can heal it in by using the natural way. Chemotherapy does not only kill the cancer cells if it also weakens and kill the good cells so the patient is most likely to die just the same.
The most effective cure to cancer and the best alternative to chemotherapy is no other than the Soursop (Scientific name, Annona muricata Linnaeus) which is called Guyabano in the Philippines while in some countries they call this Guanabana or Graviola. Guyabano consumption together with healthy eating and lifestyle therapy is without the nasty and even more killing side-effects of chemotherapy and synthetic medication.
The fruits and leaves of this tree can cure cancer for sure. Guyabano has even cured those on the 4th stage of cancer with the patients full cooperation, willingness and submission to the natural therapy.
This therapy if followed to the letter will completely boost your immune system which is the only weapon  that could fight the cancer in your body. What are the procedures of this therapy?  You just have to keep reading, this is for free and you are not in anyway required to buy an e-book for this topic. Here are the steps:
  • Boil 3 cups of water. 
  • When the water is already boiling, add sufficient amount of guyabano leaves and let it boil just once. Make sure you don’t overcook the leaves lest you destroy the nutrients and make your guyabano powerless. 
  • Let it boil once and then very quickly remove the leaves and drink the guyabano soup. Do this at 3 to 4 times a day. Make this as your daily liquid supply.

What more should you eat and take? You should  also have a daily intake of fresh guyabano juice  together with more fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid those fruits and veggies which are heavy loaded with pesticides such as those imported apples, grapes, cherries, lettuce, celery, potatoes, sweet bell peppers, etc. Those fruits and vegetables are good but they have been made bad by the pesticides so any fruit and vegetable must be surely organic or you are growing them organically on your own before you consume them.

To make sure you are efficiently consuming and  absorbing more nutrients from the vegetables you need a juicer.  Try your best to acquire even one that cost not so much.  Juicing your fruits and veggies makes sure you have a variety of fruit and vegetable in your diet in one glass so it is easier and more convenient for you.  Add up all the fruits and veggies so that you can drink them in one sitting.

Have a daily intake Sodium Ascorbate capsule everyday. Make sure it is in natural form.  Taking mega-dosage of all-natural sodium ascorbate (not synthetic please) will help a lot.   If you have the means you can take 10 capsules of it 3 times a day so that makes 30 capsules a day. If you don’t have the means then you can reduce the dosage and just take  more of fresh fruits and vegetables juice. 
Whole wheat bread, brown rice can be taken in moderation.No coffee, tea, cigarette, alcohol intake is allowed. Second hand smoke should be avoided. No dairy food and dairy products intake.

No eating of processed meat  like hot dog, ham, tocino, salami, bologna, bacon and the likes. Those are heavily treated by cancer causing food coloring called sodium nitrate. This is the reason why many people who are dependent on processed meat get cancer.  Avoid fast-food and instant foods completely.
No taking of white breads and white sugar. Use organic raw honey instead.
Have a daily exercise under the very early morning sun at least 30 to an hour a day. Don’t ever expose yourself to ultraviolet rays.

Have a fully 8 hours of sleep or even up to 10 each night. Nightlife is completely prohibited.
Over and above these, pray! Remember Jesus is the greatest physician. He alone heals so you should develop a personal relationship with Him so that your prayers could be heard. Admit you are a sinner, repent of your sin, ask God to forgive you.  Then  ask Jesus to enter into your heart. Accept Him as your Lord and Savior. Accept the truth that He died for you at the cross and just as He was brought back to life by God the Father, you who trusted and believe Him will also have the same resurrection at the end of your life. Only there and then would your prayers could reach Him. If you do this sincerely, then you can have access to His throne of grace and mercy. Pray to Him everyday and without ceasing. Ask Him to give you the grace of healing. God is good, He hears the  prayers of His saints and you who accepted Him as Lord and Savior is one of them.

If you do this therapy without fail, then by God's wonderful grace you will most likely get the healing you so desire. If this therapy heals many then why can't it heal you too?

How to Make Your Own Healthy Pizza 

I am self-confessed pizza addict! In fact I used to be addicted to pizza either by Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab, Sbarro, Greenwich and the likes.  I could finish up to three slices of one family size pizza in just one sitting. I so loved the delicious blend of mozzarella cheese and hot sauce and the overloads of meaty and spicy toppings. Then later, I realized I was not doing myself a favor. I learned I was actually consuming as high as 900 calories from three slices of pizza that I eat without fear. And worse the meaty toppings such as pepperoni, ham, sausages and others are all processed and hence are loaded not just with unwanted fats and salt but also sodium nitrate, which contain carcinogen. I realized I was opening up a way for cancer to develop in my body by indulging so much in pizza. And even if let's say I ordered non-meaty pizza, the cheese topping is definitely still high in calories and sodium and also the pizza crust itself is made of white flour which is not good for health either. After all those thoughts, I committed to myself that I will stop eating restaurant pizza. Maybe taking a slice once in a blue moon would be fine. So now, whenever I crave for pizza I just do my own at home which is just as yummy as those from restaurants and yet not as “sinful”. My pizza crust is always made of wholewheat flour and my toppings are mostly fresh veggies and mushrooms. Yes I do put cheese also but not very extravagantly. I add lots and lots of white onions and crispy green tomatoes and green peppers. And yes, I still do put lots of hot chili sauce and tomato sauce which is very rich in lycopene. I am proud to say that my homemade pizza is the healthiest pizza in the world.  If you are a pizza lover like me, then take time to make your own healthy too. You will surely love the outcome. It does not just fill you but it makes you feel healthier too.

Avoid Constipation to Avoid Colon Cancer

Many people are just too ignorant about the importance of having clean colon. They are unmindful of how unhealthy their diet has become for as long as they are filled and satisfied. As a result of unhealthy diet they end up constipating for days. This condition is dangerous because constant irregular vowel movement is actually stepping toward the Big C.

Every individual who does not move vowel regularly is at high risk of contacting the deadly Colon Cancer. Our body needs to excrete all waste materials, otherwise those waste materials when accumulated developed into tumor inside our colon that will most likely lead to our death.

The problem with Colon Cancer is it only shows serious symptoms at latter stage.  Symptoms include vomiting, lack of appetite, loss of weight, constant diarrhea characterized by purely watery discharge in small quantity, bloated feelings and unbearable stomach ache. You will find it unbelievable to believe you have latter stage Cancer.  It might look very instant but actually it took you several years of just ignoring your risky condition because it has no symptoms but just the ordinary constipation.
How then can we prevent constipation which is the number sign that we are a most likely candidate to colon cancer?

First, you have to change you diet. Enrich your diet with vegetable and fruits and drink sufficient water as well.  Eight to twelve glasses of water will help a lot. Regular exercise will move your colon thus encouraging easy vowel movement.  Forget about red meat, fatty foods and processed meat. Most of cancer victims are red meat lovers and also those who love fatty and processed meat. It does not take a day to digest red meat so beware of indulging too much on this.  Processed meat like ham, sausages and the likes are likewise dangerous for they are  preserved by a coloring substance called sodium nitrate which is actually a cancer-causing chemical. It keeps the meat red and tempting yet it kills little by little.

Finally and the most important of all, you should take Virgin Coconut Oil as food supplement on a regular basis.  Virgin coconut oil is a very effective colon cleanser. You should take a tablespoonful at least twice or thrice a day to assure a regular vowel movement. If you do this constipation will not bother you anymore  and without constipation you need not worry about colon cancer either.