Friday, January 13, 2012

Avoid Constipation to Avoid Colon Cancer

Many people are just too ignorant about the importance of having clean colon. They are unmindful of how unhealthy their diet has become for as long as they are filled and satisfied. As a result of unhealthy diet they end up constipating for days. This condition is dangerous because constant irregular vowel movement is actually stepping toward the Big C.

Every individual who does not move vowel regularly is at high risk of contacting the deadly Colon Cancer. Our body needs to excrete all waste materials, otherwise those waste materials when accumulated developed into tumor inside our colon that will most likely lead to our death.

The problem with Colon Cancer is it only shows serious symptoms at latter stage.  Symptoms include vomiting, lack of appetite, loss of weight, constant diarrhea characterized by purely watery discharge in small quantity, bloated feelings and unbearable stomach ache. You will find it unbelievable to believe you have latter stage Cancer.  It might look very instant but actually it took you several years of just ignoring your risky condition because it has no symptoms but just the ordinary constipation.
How then can we prevent constipation which is the number sign that we are a most likely candidate to colon cancer?

First, you have to change you diet. Enrich your diet with vegetable and fruits and drink sufficient water as well.  Eight to twelve glasses of water will help a lot. Regular exercise will move your colon thus encouraging easy vowel movement.  Forget about red meat, fatty foods and processed meat. Most of cancer victims are red meat lovers and also those who love fatty and processed meat. It does not take a day to digest red meat so beware of indulging too much on this.  Processed meat like ham, sausages and the likes are likewise dangerous for they are  preserved by a coloring substance called sodium nitrate which is actually a cancer-causing chemical. It keeps the meat red and tempting yet it kills little by little.

Finally and the most important of all, you should take Virgin Coconut Oil as food supplement on a regular basis.  Virgin coconut oil is a very effective colon cleanser. You should take a tablespoonful at least twice or thrice a day to assure a regular vowel movement. If you do this constipation will not bother you anymore  and without constipation you need not worry about colon cancer either.

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