Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Most Nutritious Vegetable in the World

There is one miracle plant that grows easily in anyone's backyard.  Growing your own is actually almost effortless as this plant grows with only minimal attention and caring. All you have to do is just to give this plant some of your time. This plant is what we call Malunggay” here in the Philippines, and much well known as “Moringa or Horseradish” in English. To plant your own, just simply cut mature stems from any Malunggay tree in your neighborhood. (Please make sure you ask permission first from the owner.of course.) Then plant and water them everyday. Soon you will see the planted stems sprouting green young leaves and then later  turning into healthy Malunggay trees which will give you abundant supply of Malunggay leaves each day.
I can still remember the countless Malunggay plants in our neighbors’ backyard when I was a child. They usually harvest the leaves at night so they could be prepared for the market the next morning.  I was not really aware of its health benefit. All I knew was my mother would always add Malunggay leaves on her  chicken "tinola" (a native chicken soup) and we never fail to enjoy the soup each time without realizing we were being fed with the most nutritious vegetable ever. Malunggay is used to be known only as vegetable for lactating mothers and little did every one know that Malunggay is not just for lactating mothers but for everyone who desires to be healthy all their life.
Nowadays, Malunggay is no longer just an ingredient in tinola or lactating mother’s vegetable but it has been discovered to be a very nutritious vegetable which earned for it the title,  "The Miracle Plant ".  More noteworthy is the fact that this vegetable does not only keep us healthy but can also heal many kinds of illnesses.  I myself  have proven how effective Malunggay has been.  Daily intake of Malunggay soup actually healed my arthritic pains.  I would like to make it clear though that the healing did not happen overnight. I you want to experience healing,  you have to consume Malunggay on a regular basis. In my case, I already made drinking plain Malunggay soup as part of my daily morning habit and when I have more time I also drink a cup before dinner time. My initial reason for doing so was just to boost my health but after some few weeks of regular intake, aside from giving me good skin, clearer eyes,regular bowel movement and stronger immune system, I also got healed of my arthritic pains on my fingers and my right knee. I used to complain about those early morning pains but did not take any medicine to address this issue. Drinking plain Malunggay soup regularly solved the chronic pain.  Apart from this I myself have proven Malunggay as very effective in maintaining a healthy blood pressure and the best cure for constipation. Malunggay can also heal wounds. Just apply Malunggay extract to the wounded part and do it till the wound dried up. I assure you, it will definitely spare you from buying expensive wound ointment. Many people have claimed to have been healed of their respective illnesses and even claiming Malunggay as an anti-cancer vegetable. With the way Malunggay has been boosting my immune system, I think I have no reason not to believe. 

How to prepare Malunggay juice? Here is the simple step:  Boil 2 glasses of water in a casserole. Add 2 cups or more  of Malunggay leaves to the boiling water. After one boil remove from the stove. Remove the leaves with the use of a strainer and then take the soup as it cools down a bit and drink like drinking your tea. You must drink the Malunggay soup immediately so it will not taste bitter and to avoid losing the nutrients.

Now if you want a much improved taste, you can also add lemon grass while boiling the leaves  You can actually take as much as you can without any fear of getting overdosed. 

Those who do not have the patience of preparing Malunggay juice everyday, has another alternative in  Malunggay capsules.  Different Malunggay capsule brands are now in the market. You can also take capsule if you find preparing Malunggay soup too time consuming or messy. I also took Malunggay capsule for quite sometime but later I realized I could save if I would just boil my own Malunggay soup. Besides, I found taking Malunggay soup more effective because  the amount of Maluggay in one capsule could not be as much as the amount in my daily Malunggay soup.
Malunggay soup   is  a very cheap but very effective way of  of maintaining one's health. I am talking through experience. I have been reaping its benefits for many years already and I am  very thankful to God that I discovered Malunggay. I am  now contemplating on  writing a poem entitled “Thank you Lord for Malunggay”. Bow!

Don't Ever Overcook Broccoli
Do you eat broccoli? Well if you do then you should be happy because you are giving your body a big favor.  Broccoli like all calciferous vegetables has been found to contain sulforaphane, an effective anti-cancer agent.  It has been proven by studies that this is very effective in fighting against prostate and colon cancer. Among all calciferous vegetables, broccoli and broccoli sprouts have the highest amount of sulforaphane and hence it is the best choice of all. 

Now that we know already this important fact we should also know that cooking can destroy the power of broccoli to fight cancer.  Actually overcooking any kind of vegetable is not at all encouraged because cooking can destroy its nutrients.  With broccoli  it’s very important  to note why we should not.  When we cook it longer,  we are actually destroying its anti-cancer ingredient. In view of this fact, it is highly recommended to have it half-cooked all the time to preserve the highest percentage of its anti-cancer properties. Make sure it still retains its green color even after cooking.  Never ever let its color to pale at all because if it does it is better to just feed it to the dogs.  Not only does broccoli loses its anti-cancer properties when we cook it longer but it also loses its taste. Try eating an overcooked broccoli and you will certainly not enjoy it at all. Always make sure the veggie is still green and crisp to enjoy its taste even more apart from enjoying its nutritional benefits.

So next time you cook broccoli always bear in mind to have it half-cooked to get the best benefit. When you eat out never ever accept an overcooked broccoli. If they do, you have the right to demand for a new serving or you need not pay them at all.