Sunday, July 4, 2010

Street Food, Dirty!

I’ve been warning my son not to eat street foods. I guess I am not the only parent who do that. But how come street foods still sell like hotcakes? There are so many people who could not be stopped from eating them despite the risks. How about you? Are you fond of street-foods too?

Guys do you know how they are prepared? Do you know how they’ve been exposed to dust and bacteria because of the careless and unsanitary preparation? I once passed by the railroad and there I saw carts of street vendors being prepared for vending. I saw flies all over and they were feasting on the bottles of sauces. And then one time I saw hotdogs on sticks, isaw, and many more and they were not even covered. How much dust and bacteria were able to invade those hotdogs before they reach the consumers? I could not imagine the countless flies and cockroaches that have possibly touched them before you. How about those banana cues displayed without covers and yet people buy and eat them. Apart from the dust and bacteria exposure, they are being cooked in the same old cooking oil over and over again. Do you know how toxic that oil has gone? Do you know that you are ingesting the toxic substance that goes with them? How about the cold sago, gulaman and other juices along the street? Do you know where they got the water for those "palamig"? You eaters of street foods, how could you sacrifice your health just like that? 

We don't need to be expensive on our foods but we have to practice safe and healthy eating all the time.


  1. Hi Lily,

    Hope you still remember me. =) Anyway, I hope you won't kill cause I am one of those street foods fanatic when I was in college. I'm not exactly sure why street foods seem yummy, but I just have a few favorites I can't resist. Though I have to agree its not really something healthy to recommend. And thinking more about how careless other vendors prepare these stuff just makes me lose my appetite for

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  2. i can't eat street food as I have dust and mites allergy.