Monday, June 28, 2010


Just lately, I learned about the health benefits of watermelon! I never really knew how nutritious this fruit could be! This fruit of the summer season was not even listed among my favorites before. When I was young, my mother would buy one big one watermelon everyday and would slice them into cubes for the whole family to enjoy. Every one would feast and delight on it but I was the only one who would only eat a cube or two and would not care for more. It was so watery to my taste and I could not find so much enjoyment. However when I came to know that watermelon is one of the most nutritious fruit in the world, I decided I should eat more of this whether I like it or not. When I started eating this fruit it was only there and then that I came to appreciate its refreshing effect on my body. The red, watery and sweet meat of watermelon makes it unique from other fruits. Eating a big slice of this fruit each day has been my habit ever since summer takes over the season. I could see fruit vendors selling them in abundance so I have no problem where to buy one. Every morning as I arrive at work, a slice of watermelon is my starter. Who would not delight on this fruit when it is a powerful natural antioxidant, and rich source of beta-carotene, lycopene, Vitamins C, B & B6, magnesium, thiamine, potassium, and amino acid? I think I have all the reasons to eat more of this fruit now. How about you?

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