Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Andrographic Peneculata, or Serpentina Effective Herbal Cure for Psoriasis

Of course you know what Psoriasis is.  If you are reading this blog, it is certainly because you have Psoriasis or any of your friend or loved one so you are interested to read this post.  I am  not here to explain or detail what this skin disease is, neither would I take time to talk what causes this disease. I am certain you already know a lot about those issues.

I am here to share to tell you how a friend of mine was cured  of  this chronic skin problem.  He was almost hopeless, have lost self-confidence, and have avoided social life because he was so embarrassed with his ugly skin until one day, he accidentally discovered the healing effect of Andrographic Peneculata  which is more commonly known in the Philippines by the name of Serpentinata

A neighbor gave him a Andrographic Peneculata or Serpentina plant which he planted in his backyard.  The plant is know to cure Urinary tract infection, kidney problem, cough and even hypertension in the neighborhood.  One day my friend had a bad cough and he remembered the Serpentina plant.  He took around seven leaves of the plant, crumpled them and place the crumpled leaves in one cup of hot water and drank it. It was very bitter but he managed to finish the whole cup and repeated drinking a cup two more times within the day.  For 3 days he was drinking this concoction thrice a day and he felt better. In a week time, his cough was gone.

But the good news in not only his cough was cured  but he noticed his skin texture is also improving. He thought this could be caused by Serpentina so he decided to make it a daily habit to drink the Serpentina concoction.  Day after day, he could notice  his skin was getting better and better.  After some two months, his skin turned almost normal.  He kept drinking the concoction and few months  more he was totally healed.

So those of you who have Psoriasis, you better just drink Serpentina concoction.  I hope you have this plant in your garden.  I saw one blog that talks of Serpentina but the photos in that blog did not match the appearance of the Serpentina plant that healed my friend.  For your guidance, just please take note of the photos displayed in this post so you will not get confused.