Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sure Solution to Vaginal Dryness

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Vaginal dryness is one of the common issues among women especially those who are aging.  This is due to hormonal changes that go with old age, child-birth and breast-feeding.  But vaginal dryness isn’t just vaginal dryness it brings about more serious problems such as painful intercourse and various vaginal infections. But why have this trouble when vaginal dryness is just so easy to resolve. You need not spend that much in going to your doctor so you could cure that hormonal imbalance. You don’t even need to buy those expensive medicine and food supplement that promise cure for this problem.  Even the jellies and lubricants are but temporary solution that doesn’t really cure the problem.

The simplest and cheapest solution to vaginal dryness is Moringga Oleifera. In the Philippines it is called Malunggay.  In other places they are known by the following names: Horseradish tree, Ben Oil tree, Benz olive tree, West Indian Ben, and Drumstick tree.   It has been called miracle vegetable because of its very high nutritional content and ability to cure lots of health issues.

It has been proven for many years that lactating mothers won’t run out of milk if they regularly drink Moringga soup. This is a very old and proven fact.  Well, Moringga is not just for lactating women. It is also for all women who are suffering from vaginal dryness.  Always  include malunggay in your daily diet. You may drink it as fresh juice with the help of juicer or make it into soup (but don’t overcook).  Fresh Moringga is always the best choice but if not available in your place then take Moringa capsule.

Do this now and see how your vaginal problem will perish in a matter of days. And by the way don’t forget to have at least 8 ounce of fluid intake everyday. It is a must.

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